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Our story

Rory and Mark, two avid gamers and firm believers in the power of genuine connections, embarked on a thrilling adventure. They decided to host a pop-up gaming event purely for the love of games and the joy of bringing people together.
Little did they know that this passion project would evolve into something extraordinary.
The Birth of GameCon Limited
The overwhelming positive feedback and unwavering support from the community fueled Rory and Mark’s determination. They took a leap of faith and established GameCon Limited as an annual event.
But that’s not where their journey ended.

The Mindblowing Discovery

During their quest for innovative experiences, Rory and Mark stumbled upon a game-changer: Smart Books with Augmented Reality. These magical books combined technology and fun in a way that left them utterly mindblown. Suddenly, they saw a path to use technology for good, especially for the young minds in their community.

Our Mission

At GameCon Limited, we’re on a mission to create joy, foster connections, and empower young minds. Our commitment to the community drives us forward.

Meet Our Branches

  1. GC Publishing
    GC Publishing is our literary arm. We proudly publish those mindblowing AR smart books in the UK and Ireland. These books spark curiosity, ignite imaginations, and seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds.
  2. Merchants of Fun (MoF)
    Our Merchants of Fun team is all about live events centered around board games. Whether it’s a corporate team-building session, a school event, or a lively party, we bring the joy of play to everyone. Expect laughter, strategy, and a dash of friendly competition.

Balancing Passion and Reality

Rory and Mark still hold down their 9-to-5 jobs, but GameCon is their labor of love. It’s the “free time” work that doesn’t feel like work at all—because when you’re passionate about what you do, it’s all play.

Join us on this adventure! Follow us on Instagram for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and a whole lot of fun.

Remember: Life’s too short for dull moments. Let’s play, connect, and create magic together! 🎲✨

Inspired by the spirit of gaming, community, and innovation. Adapted from the tales of real-life entrepreneurs who turned passion into purpose.

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